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Never-ending fraud threats, updates to regulatory requirements and huge customer expectations for a flawless experience are making it difficult for businesses to keep up with fraud and compliance obligations. IDMerit’s truly holistic industry solutions allows companies to rapidly adapt to the changing conditions and risks. Our global consumer and business identity verification portal provides data and analytics tool to business around the world to gain greater control over risk exposure. In a short span of time, we have been able to source and gain access to large data sets from legit sources around the world, most of which are licensed and government approved.

We help businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, and automate decision making using our unique ID verification platform. Companies can implement a brand new approach to management identity fraud and identity services and improve their customers’ experience while minimizing risks.

  • Instant Identity and Verification in up to 100+ countries
  • Unique data matrix display provides detailed analysis
  • No software to install, use through a web browser

  • Access 40+ validated data sources globally
  • Unique display providers automated watch-list checking
  • ID Verification on Electronic billing and credit card payment

Our Products

  1. 1IDM Assessment
  2. 2IDM Acquire
  3. 3IDM Contingency
  4. 4IDM Geo
  5. 5IDM Secure

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