About ID Merit

IDMerit is a global consumer and business identity verification portal that helps commercial organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies meet regulatory compliance and mitigate business risks with its unique industry-leading identity verification solutions.

Here at IDMerit, we take into account traditional data, including, credit files, public records, and government data to provide global identity verification solutions. We provide detailed information from social login providers, mobile applications, ad networks, social networks, and e-commerce websites to provide identity verification services. By integrating demographics including geography, economic status, gender, or age, we have increased our reach of detection and prevention of fraud. We have streamlined the process of vetting an ID by offering customizable field settings. Our identity bureau covers 3.5 billion people in over 100 countries and includes identity data from some of the most challenging demographics including: Brazil, India, China, and South Africa.

Our Mission

IDMerit is recognized as a premier partner for its industry-leading identity verification service. In terms of core business values, we have been driven by a mission: To continually provide prudent and proactive ID verification solutions of the highest ethical to our clients across the continuum.

Our Vision

We believe, the most valuable asset of leadership is integrity, trust, and strong business ethics.

We have devoted our energy and competencies to beyond obstacles and challenges to provide cutting-edge, streamlined proofing process the highest standards of trust and online privacy. Our human-centered approach to offer reliable identity solutions in compliance with regulation and transparency to ensure safety and legality of systems.

See how IDMerit prevents fraud, verifies your users and improves your security.