Acquire More Customers
Without Acquiring More Risk

Few other industries are as competitive as telecom. With a relentless drive to acquire more customers and market share, fraud detection and management is often an afterthought. But this is dangerous, because identity fraud can cost telecom companies huge sums of money – and expose them to large risks.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Platforms

While telecom companies are starting to realize the strategic impact of effective fraud management, the systems they’ve purchased are often so complex they can’t be used – even by the most highly trained staff. This becoming especially true in most developing countries, where subscriber verification is now mandatory.

Seamless Solutions for Easy Deployment

IDMerit delivers an automated suite of new subscriber verification tools that can be deployed quickly and seamlessly across your organization. We help the senior managers responsible for fraud detection to protect your company and its customers. The result is lower costs, lower risks and more efficient operations.

Benefits & Outcomes

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Our platform is fully compliant with CTIA guidelines.

Build New Administration Signups

Deploy quicker regards on record beginnings.

Enhanced Consumer Satisfaction

Our solutions allow you to respond faster and change records more quickly – resulting in happier customers.

Reduce Accounts Abductions

ID Merit protects the integrity of your customer accounts and reduces account fraud.

Effective Age Verification

Effortlessly recognize a client’s age for suitable substance conveyance.

Decrease the Frequency of Deception

While fraudsters are becoming increasingly deceptive, ID Merit’s advanced technology protects you from their sophisticated hacks.

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