IDMrisk is a machine learning software aimed against fighting online fraud. It leverages device analytics in real time to determine if a person’s mobile, tablet or desktop device is considered legitimate or is attempting fraud.

Email Verification: An Essential Part of Global Communication.

Out of a world population of 7.6 billion, 2.5 billion people in the world have an email. It has the highest return on investment (ROI) for marketers as well. Email has a wide reach and large conversion numbers at an affordable cost. This means email marketing is an essential part of the global communication.

Odds are that everyone you need to contact, uses email every day. This means it is essential to collect valid and active emails from your clients. When creating an email subscriber list, it is imperative that it gets checked regularly. This will allow you to spend more time interacting with real people through your marketing efforts.

How Often do Emails Change?

Cultural differences determine how often a user changes their email address. In some countries, people maintain the same email address for years. In others, people change their emails with the seasons. Because of this uncertainty, it is important to perform email verification. Through these tactics you can maintain a well-rounded email list. Since email is your most critical communication link to your customers, you must upkeep your list regularly to retain list purity.

Prevent Bounces

Maintaining a clean email list prevents email bounces. Email bounces can have a negative effect on email deliverability, so it is important to keep bounces low. Your company should strive for a bounce rate of less than 2%.

Emails can bounce for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the email accounts in your databases are not real. Other times they are undeliverable because the email server has been shut down. Full mailboxes can cause email bounces, as well as blocked email accounts. Keep an eye on the emails that end up in your bounces. Regardless of how they got there, if a specific email repeatedly bounces, it should be removed from your email list.

Prevent Blacklisting

If you send email campaigns to illegitimate emails, this can affect your deliverability rate. If your deliverability rate is low, this may cause you to increase the volume of emails you send to your subscribers. This type of behavior is frowned upon by general users. It can lead to your emails getting marked as spam. Between 80 and 95% of all emails sent daily are spam, so users have no patience for it. When your emails are marked as spam, you end up on an email blacklist. Blacklists are essentially spam watchlists.

Anyone can get blacklisted. Blacklists are not perfect and sometimes mistakenly target legitimate users. If you get blacklisted, this affects all the emails you send from a specific domain. It also affects all the emails sent from your email server. They will get tagged as spam and bounce back to you. This happens regardless of the content of the email.

Blacklisting means the entire server your emails get sent from ends up on a spam watchlist. All emails coming from that server will be blocked and prevented from reaching their intended destination.

Maintain a Positive Reputation

How you use your email affects its reputation. Bounce rates and email send rates are factors that determine the reputation of your email domain. Email reputation impacts email deliverability rates. All of this is influenced by the cleanliness of your email lists.

IDMERIT Email Verification

IDMERIT has a comprehensive platform of email verification solutions. It connects to official data sources all over the world to determine if an email is legitimate or fraudulent. User emails can be checked through our solutions. They offer a way to maintain list cleanliness.

IDMverify is a verification tool that offers quick and easy personal identity and business verification. It uses an API to access official data sources in over 90 countries. IDMverify provides Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. If used during customer onboarding, the verification tool can weed out fake email addresses before they end up on your email list. It will assist your company in creating an email list filled with real, legitimate email accounts. This will prevent you from wasting money marketing to inactive or fraudulent emails. It will also help you reduce bounces, minimize potential spam behavior and keep your email reputation high.