Precise Geocoding for Any Location on Earth

Every year, poor data quality costs companies hundreds of millions of dollars. ID Merit’s business sector-driving geocoding management offers you the most comprehensive coverage on the market. Our platform allows you to add a geocode to global locations. And we can approve a location to geographic point for more than 240 Million businesses across more than 100 of the most dominant global markets.

IDMERIT’s address verification of Data Quality allows you to retrieve the exact longitude and latitude coordinating down to the accuracy of the ZIP + 4®. With coordinates specified to 6 decimal places, you can achieve unrivaled geocoding precision.

Our solution gathers Census Bureau information based on longitude or latitude. It reaches beyond the originally established client base to generalize a target market from Census Bureau Data. And our worldwide geocoding management empowers a scope longitude direction to be added to any location or geographic point on the planet.

3.5 Billion +


90 +


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Global Clients

Key Features

Accurate: precise information when you need it

Fast: real-time results

Reliable: consistently on the mark

Flexible: easily modifiable to fit your business

Simple: easy to implement

Efficient: maximizes your productivity

Customizable: suits each specific project

Compliant: stay within the guidelines