IDMverify is a best-in-class identity verification solution that can provide quick and easy personal identity and business verification. Utilizing an API (REST) it can access official data sources across the globe to provide Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance.

Precise Geocoding for Any Location on Earth

Geocoding is a process that takes a description of a location, such as a physical address, and turns it into a location on the Earth’s surface. Typically, the process gives out numerical coordinates—longitude and latitude—to represent the location on the Earth’s surface. The output locations can be used for mapping or spatial analysis.

Our platform provides information about various kinds of locations. The types of locations you can search include:

Military Grid Reference System
United States National Grid System

How can Geocoding be Used

There are a variety of ways to use location tracking. It can play a crucial role in data analysis for business customer management. It can also assist in determining distribution techniques for a business. Spatially displaying coded addresses can also be useful. This will allow a business to analyze the information and recognize patterns within it to suite its business needs.

Customer Data Management

Most organizations maintain address information about their customers or clients. This information is typically stored in a tabular format and is mixed in with a variety of other customer information. It allows businesses to take this customer information and create a map of their locations. Businesses can then use the map to create marketing strategies to target specific customer segments based on their locations. Location tracking of your customers is a valuable piece of information especially in the identity verification space.

How to Geocode

There are two ways to track location. The first way is relatively simple. It involves traveling to the location you are trying to geocode and marking that location on a GPS devise. The GPS devise will tell you the exact latitude and longitude of that location. This method is the most accurate however, it is not the most practical approach.

Another way to involves math. Interpolation is performed on known datapoints to determine unknown datapoints. This method takes an address and matches it to a street and specific segment location—such as a block. Interpolation is then performed on the position of the address, along the segment range.

This approach is slightly less accurate than the previously method, yet it is significantly faster to perform. Using computers to do the math also make this process extremely easy. It is more practical as well, especially when large data sets are being handled.

Accurate Data
Reliable Results
Efficient Process
Compliant Driven

Accuracy in Geocoding

Using interpolation to determine is effective and accurate for the due diligence for most business needs. IDMERIT uses interpolation for this reason. We will go above and beyond to give your business the best results with effective results through this approach.

First, IDMERIT will take the addresses and standardize them. If any of the addresses are missing important information, IDMERIT will fill it in. This will make the addresses as accurate as possible. From there they will be checked for validity. IDMERIT does this to confirm that the geocodes being searched for are tied to real locations and will provide legitimate and high-quality results.

Geocoding Data Sources

Data Sources are usually built from census bureau information. Supplemental data can be assimilated from additional sources as well. IDMERIT has access to census bureau data and official data sources in over 90 countries and counting. Access to this information affects the accuracy of the coordinates that are provided in a positive way. IDMERIT provides coding results that are pulled from the most comprehensive global coverage.

IDMERIT has a well-developed and maintained computer infrastructure. The infrastructure is built with artificial intelligence technology and does not rely on manual labor. With this well-maintained technology at its core, IDMERIT can provide immediate geocode matches for addresses. By cutting down the time it takes to get results, IDMERIT can save your business time and money.

Who Needs to Geocode

Geocoding can be useful for a variety of different businesses. Financial institutions can use this service to meet regulatory requirements. They are required by law to report geocode information on mortgage, business and farm loan applications. Thus, this service will help financial institutions remain compliant with these laws and avoid large fines.

Key Features

• Accurate: precise information when you need it

• Fast: real-time results

• Reliable: consistently on the mark

• Flexible: easily modifiable to fit your business

• Simple: easy to implement

• Efficient: maximizes your productivity

• Customizable: suits each specific project

• Compliant: stays within regulations