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There’s more to a business transaction than the simple exchange of services or goods for money. Your relationship with a customer involves the sharing of trust, value, and data. It’s part of the reason why it’s so important to verify and authenticate customer identity at the beginning of the relationship. In the ever-evolving business world, one of the biggest challenges is to satisfy both Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) while conducting countless numbers of transactions every second. IDMERIT’s ID verification service will help you to mitigate risk and losses and make informed decisions by verifying and validating your customer’s identity with the latest identity verification solutions. Our identity verification service uses credible third-party sources, who enforce the highest privacy standards, to verify the identity of your customers and meet rigorous compliance standards. From the vetting process to customer on-boarding, our identity verification checks are in adherence to security and privacy best practices.


Identity Verification enables trust and safety by providing fraud, risk and compliance solutions worldwide.

A decade ago, verifying an identity was a high-touch customer transaction. This meant meeting the customer in-person, manually verifying documents, and being trained on authenticating and validating various types of identity documents. The traditional methods of identity verification are time-consuming, inefficient and expensive. It’s also highly impractical since it leaves much room for human-errors ! At the core of the IDMERIT’s identity verification service is a reliable and transparent process that enables greater access and ease for anyone, anytime, anywhere. As a trusted global leader in identity verification services , IDMERIT offers access to a secure identity verification solution to help meet compliance standards and mitigate the risk of fraud or other illicit activities that can inflict damage to your business.


Get your customers D Documents Verified in real-time and prevent fraud.

IDMERIT offers an on-demand ID Verification solution using IDMValidate, the leading online identity verification app developed for the international market. IDMValidate analyzes, verifies and authenticates ID verification documents from over 90 countries, a hassle-free Global Identity Verification, including the most challenging geographies like Africa, China and India. Our document verification checks help you to determine the authenticity as well as legitimacy of a document and assist you in AML/KYC compliance. Our process of Identity Document Verification is powered by AI piloted data and practices. An automated cure for error-free document verification service is provided for reliable solutions. The IDMrisk management techniques involve frequent internal audits to filter and authenticate the data. The secret to our successful and highly accurate results is the technology we use to serve our clients.

KYC verification services

Get authentic customer identity verification to know your customer.

Online world is a huge web of unknown risks. Gaining an audience is easier than knowing your customers. To verify customers online is challenging because choosing a trustworthy kyc verification partner is tricky. IDMerit provides electronic identification verification with proven results. Verify customer IDs with our team of experts.We use advanced Identity verification software & the IDMautofill technique to verify customer identity and formulate the best kyc verification services for the brands. Our identity verification service API provides a strong holdup to authenticate our database and provide the most accurate data in the industry guaranteed. IDMerit’s Global Identity Verification Service is popular worldwide for it’s precision and success. IDMverify is a tag of assured perfection for all the digital Id verification solutions and more.

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Looking for a staunch identity verification provider? Get guaranteed results from industry’s most trusted ID validation provider since 2015. ID check services powered by authentic government database is our key assistance for more than 90 countries worldwide. The facilities include kyc identity verification, Electronic Id verification, International Identity Verification, Identity validation services, customer identity verification, subscriber identity verification, online identity verification, digital identity verification, Business Verification Services, Global Id Verification, & a lot more with hi-tech Id Verification Software. ID merit is your one stop solution for ID validation partner to prevent risk & fraud for your business. Get Online Identity Verification Services for AML/KYC & secure your finances to gear up your growth with us. Your financial security is our responsibility. Let’s share the success.

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Identity verification partner to verify subscribers online

Every business has different requirements. IDMerit cares for all your needs, so we provide customized plans for every business. We offer personalized opportunities to verify subscribers' identity from the government verified authentic database. Verify subscribers online with ease and build a strong audience base to boost your brand with us.

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