IDMERIT Onboards TransUnion to Support their Identity Verification Solutions

San Diego, CA — IDMERIT, a leading provider of global identity verification and anti-money laundering solutions, announced that they have onboarded TransUnion as one of its global clients to support its mission of helping businesses better understand consumers in order to make more informed decisions and cultivate trust.

Raymond Weale, Chief Operating Officer of IDMERIT said, “we are very happy to have onboarded TransUnion to support their identity verification efforts as they now have access to our 400+ existing global data sources.”

TransUnion’s relationship with IDMERIT will allow them to provide an enhanced view of each consumer based on datasets from previously unattainable countries.

IDMERIT’s identity verification products will enable TransUnion to verify the identities of millions of people worldwide.

IDMERIT’s flagship product, IDMkyc connects with 400+ global data sources and, using an extremely user-friendly interface, scans identity documents and checks against government, politically exposed persons, and adverse media databases.

IDMkyc will now be able to extend TransUnion’s global reach and efforts to support companies’ regulatory requirements including KYC 2+2 and age verification in over 170+ countries.

IDMERIT’s global identity verification solutions offer the widest capture of legitimate and official data sources internationally.

Delivering on IDMERIT’s vision of fighting fraud and creating trust. IDMERIT provides an ecosystem of products and services designed to help IDMERIT’s customers prevent fraud, mitigate risk, meet regulatory compliance and deliver frictionless user experiences. We are committed to the on-going development of the next generation of cost-effective and comprehensive global identity verification solutions.

IDMERIT’s eco-system of identity verification and fraud prevention tools also includes:

· Anti-money laundering, PEP, and Media Watchlist Screening: IDMaml
· Document verification: IDMscan,
· Device and risk assessment: IDMdevice
· Business identity verification: IDMkyb
· User-Permissioned Utility Data For Identity & Address Verification: IDMconnect


Headquartered in San Diego, California, IDMERIT provides an ecosystem of identity verification solutions designed to help its customers prevent fraud, meet regulatory compliance and deliver frictionless user experiences. The company is committed to the on-going development and delivery of offerings that are more cost-effective and comprehensive than other solution providers. IDMERIT was funded by experts who have been sourcing data on personal and business identities across the globe for over a decade. This access to official and trusted data throughout the world has become increasingly important as companies find themselves completing transactions across borders as a standard course of business.