IDMERIT Provides Verification for India’s Government Identity Documents

— Identity verification solution for world’s second largest populated country renowned and criticized for its multiple identity systems —

San Diego, CA — September 19, 2018 — IDMERIT, a leading provider of global identity verification solutions, announced today that they can now verify most of India’s government identity documents using IDMscan, an app that provides next-generation consumer identity authentication and verification of government-issued identity documents.

With over 1.3 billion people, India has struggled with implementing a unified identity system. Over the years, multiple identity documents have been implemented with few adopted by the majority, many remaining without identity documents, and identity theft becoming a major issue.

“If you are transacting business with someone in India, you need to have a way to verify they are who they say they are,” said Tony Raval, CEO, IDMERIT. “We are the first company to offer automated verification of India’s multiple identity documents.”

Using an extremely user-friendly interface, the identity document is scanned and checked against the government and in-country databases. Unlike most existing solutions, IDMscan is completely automated and requires no human intervention. The app can verify the authenticity of government issued national IDs such as passports, driver’s licenses and more by simply checking the graphical data and security features of the document.

To take it a step further, IDMscan incorporates facial recognition and face liveness detection technology so the ID holder’s face can be scanned and compared to the ID being presented to ensure a live match.

“India introduced Aadhaar in hopes that it would resolve India’s identity issue, but it has created a whole new set of concerns,” said Raval. “I believe companies will need to continue to accept multiple IDs to verify Indian citizens’ identities and would caution anyone from blindly accepting the Aadhaar card to confirm identity.”

IDMscan currently validates the following forms of IDs in India:· Aadhaar card, a biometric, digital and physical identity system
· Indian passport
· Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) issued by the Election Commission of India
· Permanent account number (PAN) card, taxpayer identity
· Driving license in India issued by the states

IDMERIT’s global identity portal, IDMkyc, can be used to provide an additional verification check on the person who is presenting their ID. It has guaranteed coverage in over 90 countries including some of the most challenging yet important countries like India as well as Brazil, China, and South Africa. IDMERIT’s global identity verification solutions offer the widest capture of legitimate and official data sources internationally.


Headquartered in San Diego, California, IDMERIT provides an ecosystem of identity verification solutions designed to help its customers prevent fraud, meet regulatory compliance and deliver frictionless user experiences. The company is committed to the on-going development and delivery of offerings that are more cost-effective and comprehensive than other solution providers. IDMERIT was funded by experts who have been sourcing data on personal and business identities across the globe for over a decade. This access to official and trusted data throughout the world has become increasingly important as companies find themselves completing transactions across borders as a standard course of business.

Media Relations Contact:
Cynthia Guiang