IDMERIT Launches IDMscan for Fast and Accurate ID Authentication

– App works in conjunction with IDMkyc to add another level of fraud assessment to company’s global identity verification solutions –

Carlsbad, CA – July 11, 2018 – IDMERIT, a leading provider of global identity verification solutions, announced today that it has launched IDMscan, an app that provides next-generation consumer identity authentication and verification of government issued identity documents.

“IDMERIT has the widest capture of legitimate and official data sources globally, making our identity bureau, IDMkyc, the most comprehensive and effective at helping fight fraud,” said Tony Raval, CEO, IDMERIT. “However, authentication of the ID being presented is a critical part of the ID verification process. To date, ID authentication algorithms have been slow, error-prone, and involve manual intervention. IDMscan was designed to address all of those issues. This is now the best global ID authentication solution available on the market today.”

Using an extremely user-friendly interface, the identity document is scanned and checked against government and in-country databases. Unlike most existing solutions, IDMscan is completely automated and requires no human intervention. The app can verify the authenticity of government issued national IDs such as passports, driver’s licenses and more by simply checking the graphical data and security features of the document.

To take it a step further, IDMscan incorporates facial recognition and face liveness detection technology so the ID holder’s face can be scanned and compared to the ID being presented to ensure a live match.

The development of IDMscan is a result of IDMERIT’s continued commitment to providing global solutions that meet the needs of its clients’ cross border transactions. Currently IDMscan has access to national ID sources from over 90 countries and can process over 20 languages including some of the most complex such as Arabic, Kanji, and Korean.


Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, IDMERIT provides an ecosystem of identity verification solutions designed to help its customers prevent fraud, mitigate risk, meet regulatory compliance and deliver frictionless user experiences. The company is committed to the on-going development and delivery of offerings that are more cost-effective and comprehensive than other solution providers. IDMERIT was funded by experts who have been sourcing data on personal and business identities across the globe for over a decade. This access to official and trusted data throughout the world has become increasingly important as companies find themselves completing transactions across borders as a standard course of business.

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Cynthia Guiang