In the emerging world of FinTech, where convenience, efficiency, and accessibility remain a top priority for industry leaders, validating user identities with as little friction as possible is important. Nevertheless, businesses face the difficult situation where they must decide what to do when a user produces an ID from a different country. How can your business validate customer identity while providing a frictionless customer experience?


IDMERIT has developed IDMvalidate, an identity verification and authentication solution that provides next-generation consumer identity service. These two strategies are very important and necessary to protect your business from identity fraud and keeps it compliant with government security regulations.


However, if verification and identification procedures take too long, are too tedious or too scrutinizing, the customer may feel uncomfortable and take his or her business elsewhere. Therefore, it’s important to implement verification and authentication procedures that are thorough and accurate while still respecting the privacy of the consumer and preserving transaction convenience.


Tony Raval, CEO of IDMerit, states that to effectively fight fraud, authentication of consumer identity has been found to be a critical part of a tight and secure online experience.  He continues to acknowledge that “so far ID authentication algorithms have been slow, error-prone, and involve manual intervention. IDMvalidate is designed to address all these and many other issues and is now the best and most efficient global ID authentication solution available on the market today.”


He continues, “For example, our solution can authenticate and verify government-issued identity documents in online and offline conditions. It is a part of several identity fraud solutions that IDMERIT has created which offer fraud detection before it happens. IDMvalidate has set the pace for how to provide instant ID authentication results for embassies, banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, financial institutions and anyone else who wants to undergo a primary second-source verification.”


The Process

IDMvalidate has the capacity to extract data from an ID and verify it with a person’s country of origin government database and send it to a live in-country database. It can be used in a variety of systems including desktops, mobile phones or tablets. Using an extremely user-friendly interface, an identity document is scanned and checked against government and in-country databases and delivers a “legitimate” or “fraudulent” determination in just a few seconds.

Identity documents that can be scanned by IDMvalidate include:

  • National IDs
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Passports

Truly global-ready, IDMvalidate can process over 20 languages including some of the most complex such as Arabic, Kanji, and Korean.

Connection with Global Data Sources

To make these document checks, IDMvalidate taps into IDMverify, IDMERIT’s global identity verification product. IDMverify is the most comprehensive source of legitimate and official international identity data available on the market today with national ID sources from over 90 countries.

A Human Free System

Unlike most existing solutions, IDMvalidate is completely automated and requires no human intervention. The app can verify the authenticity of government issued national IDs such as passports, driver’s licenses and more by simply checking the graphical data and security features of the document.

To take it a step further, IDMvalidate incorporates facial recognition and face liveness detection technology in its system. An ID holder’s face can be scanned and compared to the ID being presented to ensure a live match.

Offering a human-free solution allows IDMERIT to offer a superior identity verification and identity authentication solution while protecting the consumer’s personal information. Using machine learning and automation the IDMvalidate platform can visually inspect IDs from all around the globe with extremely high accuracy. Because of this IDMvalidate generates higher match rates than many other solutions on the market and we are willing to prove it.

Faster Digital Onboarding

Human review can take a long time. Some teams take hours to review an ID for verification purposes. By relying on an automated system IDMERIT can provide match rates that are faster than the competition and happen in real time.

Reduced Friction

Fast and accurate identity verification helps decrease the friction users experience during onboarding. This ensures that they receive a frictionless experience. By delivering a seamless onboarding experience account abandonment decreases as well. This ensures that the people you want to interact with your service and product end up doing so.

Reducing friction is important, but businesses still need to protect themselves from interacting with fraudulent users. This allows businesses to meet know your customer (KYC) compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance.

IDMERIT understands this critical balance. With IDMvalidate, friction is only increased in the system if a risk is detected throughout the identity verification process. This safeguards businesses from interacting with people or organizations they do not wish to do business with.

IDMERIT can prove that its global identity verification solutions are the most comprehensive source. Put us to the test and let us prove it!

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