Minimize the Risks
of Payment Fraud

For the retail industry, identity fraud is a pressing and ever-growing issue. The costs associated with fraudulent payments, chargebacks and fraud prevention are in the trillions worldwide. IDMERIT’s full range of Retail solutions allow you to greatly mitigate these risks, so you can focus on what you do best: selling more products.

A World of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card transactions are the single largest source of payment fraud in the retail industry. While financial institutions across Europe have issued EMV chip cards to reduce fraud at brick and mortar stores, the U.S. is lagging behind. As a result, identity thieves have seized upon the American market as their biggest source of fraudulent activities.

Advanced Solutions to Safeguard your Payment Operations

As these fraudsters become more widespread, insurers, financial companies, banks and retailers need more sophisticated solutions in order to safeguard the security and trust of both partners and clients. IDMERIT’s Retail solutions offer you this high level of security, along with a seamlessness and efficiency that is unmatched in the industry.

Benefits & Outcomes

Automate and Simplify Identity Verification

A simple, streamlined solution for verifying identities across large order volumes.

Multi-Faceted Solutions to Weed Out Fraudsters

Our platform thoroughly verifies your customers’ personal information for authenticity.

Reduce the Incidence of Payment Fraud

Ensure your customers’ payment methods are legitimate and compliant.

Reduce Chargebacks and Fraudulent Orders

Reduce losses and costs by verifying fraudulent orders before they occur.

Shorten Order Review Time

Streamline the time and effort that comes from traditional, manual review processes.

Increase Sales and Consumer Satisfaction

Gain your customers’ trust by providing a proven and secure purchase environment

Protection from Misuse of Customer Data

Protect your company from potential misuse of customer data by company employees.

Greater Survey Insights

Our platform offers deception survey groups.

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