Leading Compliance Anti-Money Laundering Solution

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Sanction List Review, PEP Lists, and Adverse Media

We provide you with full access to databases from around the world. Our AML solution is the most comprehensive and interconnected on the planet. You will be able to track and monitor Individuals and Companies through our monitoring software by consulting:

  • Sanction Lists from
    OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, and DFAT.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies, FBI, Interpol,
    and government agencies
  • CRYPTO Regulatory Bodies, Stock Exchanges,
    and Financial Commissions.
  • We comply with FATF standards.

Incorporate clients faster by verifying their profiles and associated risks in real-time and from anywhere in the world.

13 Million

profiles of corrupt officials and terrorists.

1.7 Million

PEP listings
classified by position,
level, and country.

120 Thousand

Media Sources to check
adverse media.

Compliance Solution

Level 1 AML, with BSA, FinCEN,
and FINRA at a low cost.

Over 1200

sanctions and watchlists

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    100% Customizable Solution

    With IDMaml, you can specifically define the risks and crimes you want to monitor and receive reports about. We provide a customizable risk appetite grid, allowing you to focus on the risk types you want, allowing you to have a tailored prevention system that meets your needs.

    Ongoing Monitoring

    We provide continuous monitoring of your client portfolio with instant alerts through our Artificial Intelligence. If any of your clients are linked to illicit activities in the future, we will notify you.

    Information security is our priority

    Data is encrypted in TLS/SSL with AES-256 Bit encryption.

    Access to our systems is done only with credentials and multi-factor authentication, complying with ISO27001 and SOC2 standards.

    Secure servers hosted physically under Amazon Web Services.

    We comply with GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA, and we are active in Privacy Shield.

    Your custom identity verification solution with
    KYC, AML, and SCAN.


    Global Identity Verification Service

    Verify data and identities of individuals or companies worldwide in over 175 countries and over 440 data sources.

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    Authenticate, scan your users' IDs, and perform liveness detection and biometric verification.

    Remotely scan a government-issued identification and perform facial biometrics to confirm identity.

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    Memberships and compliance