IDMERIT provides a comprehensive identity ecosystem of identity verification, identification authentication, and real time fraud prevention. Used separately or combined, these services help businesses and government organizations to mitigate risk and prevent fraud while meeting regulatory compliance


Global verification of personal identity based on native goverment and trusted in-community commercial databases

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Remotely authenticate and assure live possession of documents

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Improve customer onboarding while blocking fraud.

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3.5 Billion +


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Global Clients

Identity Verification

Authenticate your users and make your customer database more credible.

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

IDMERIT provides information and content for risk prevention, AML compliance, and improved due diligence.

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Know Your Customer (KYC)

Helps you be rigorous and robust while being legally compliant.

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Fraud & Risk Compliance

Solutions to protect you from a wide range of identity fraud, data breaches, and non-compliance.

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Age Verification

Protect your business from underaged customers and protect underaged customers from damaging fraud.

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Behavior Monitoring

Detect, track and stop the risky behavior before it affects your business.

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Phone  Verification

Verify and qualify phone numbers of all your clients and customers.

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Email Verification

Check the validity of your customers’ emails and keep your database Updated.

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Geocoding solutions for advanced fraud protection, better analytics and more accurate shipments and deliveries.

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Customer Onboarding

While you focus on customer acquisition, IDMERIT contributes to your team’s efforts to engage and convert.

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See how IDMERIT prevents fraud, verifies your users and improves your security.