Global Identity Verification Service

We have more than 440 data sources to verify users data to prevent fraud and comply with regulation.

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Identity verification

Verifies the user's identity with their personal data using online identity verification solutions. Get identity validation services on this US-based e-IDV platform to avoid and prevent fraud or identity theft.

Company Verification

It streamlines the compliance process and the incorporation of corporate clients without problems. You can verify companies of all sizes around the world with IDMkyc as your identity verification partner.


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    Global Coverage

    Our Verification Process

    A hassle-free and frictionless identity verification solution. IDMkyc allows the verification of the data within the identity document and the information of the users in thousandths of seconds.

    The best Data
    on the market

    IDMERIT data experts have been building strategic relationships with leading data sources around the world for more than 10 years. These data sources provide enhanced data intelligence, integrated with identity verification. This allows IDMkyc to access a variety of trusted sources including.

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    Your customized identity verification solution with KYC, AML AND SCAN.


    Authenticate, scan the ID of your users and perform proof of life and biometric verification.

    Remotely scan a government ID and facial biometrics to confirm identity.

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    Identify bad actors, (individuals or companies) with an anti-money laundering solution.

    Automatically scan global and local sanctions and watch lists, PEP lists, and adverse media to minimize the risk of money laundering, fraud, and other crimes.

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    Memberships and compliance