• Electricity


    1500+ Global Providers
    • Electricity costs
    • Usage Data
    • Identity Matching
  • Natural Gas

    Natural Gas

    407 Natural Gas Companies
    • Consumption Data
    • Real-Time Reporting
    • Seamless API
  • Water


    1500+ Providers Connected
    • Standardized Format
    • Monthly Spend
    • Address Data
  • Telecom


    23 Multinational Providers
    • User-Permissioned
    • Third-Party Verified
    • Avoid False Positives

Verify Faster: Direct Access To 2300+ Globally
Verified Sources of Utility Data Providers

  • With a global network of over 2300+ utility and telecom providers across 40 countries spanning every continent, IDMconnect provides a global, verification source. Utility data from IDMconnect is current, complete, and 100% user-permissioned.

    Easily Verify:


    • Customer Name
    • Address
    • Phone Numbers
    • Usage Data
  • Utilityco

How It Works

How it works

Fully Customized, ResTful API Gets You
Connected To Utility Data Fast

  • Restful api
  • Easy API integration
    • Request and receive up to 12 months of data and utility bill images through our meticulously designed API
    Instant, Real-Time Matching
    • Faster response time than competitor APIs
    Avoid Losing Honest Customers
    • Stop settling for false positives and low match rates

Why Choose IDMconnect For Your
“Know Your Customer”(KYC) Compliance?

  • Real Time Access
    • Real-Time Access
    • 24/7 Technical Support
  • KYC & AML Compliant
    • Become KYC & AML Compliant
    • AML Experts Always Available
  • Frictionless User Experience
    • Frictionless User Experience
    • 99% Uptime

Get Access To Global Utility Provider Matching

Next Level Identity Verification With Safety & Security

Access user-permissioned utility, telecom, and electricity bill data for precise verification of consumer and business identities.IDMconnect Utility Data Platform provides AI driven automated access to proof of name and address for unverifiable applicants. With data sourced directly from more than 2,300 providers globally, you can save time, maintain regulatory mandates in checks, and grow your business. Boost consumer approval rates by identifying consumers without conventional methods, using consumer-permissioned utility data. Increase customer retention and satisfaction and trace the impact of every investment, big or small, and leverage utility data. Monitor data quickly and easily according to the requirements of your business with IDMconnect.


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