Establish Trust in Your
Cryptocurrency Operation

The world of cryptocurrency exchanges has been compared to the wild west. Disorder, theft and a shortage of lawmen to keep the peace abound. Running a trusted organization in this kind of environment can be a challenge.

Prove Your Good Intentions

By utilizing the most current best practices for identity verification, your customers can trust that you are protecting their interests and their investments.

Protect Yourself

There are many efforts being made to tame the wild west environment of cryptocurrency. Regulatory obligations are growing. You need to be sure you are complying with ever-growing rules and regulations or you can risk your business or find yourself serving jail time.

A Total Solution

IDMERIT’s ecosystem of global identity verification solutions can help you establish the best practices of Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), fraud analytics and due diligence. You can approve buy/sell limits and keep currency moving by quickly and accurately identifying legitimate customers and keeping fraudsters out.