The key to successful onboarding is customer service

Customer onboarding describes the process users go through, from interested prospect to customer and then beyond that to staying a loyal customer who passes along their satisfying experiences to their own network. The end result is a positive sequence of experiences that enhances the ongoing relationship between customer and brand.


The initial positive experience involves a quick, effortless “onboarding” in which a customer is identified and verified quickly and accurately. The company can verify the validity of the customer while eliminating or flagging any suspicious or fraudulent indicators quickly.


Successful onboarding builds revenue, encourages recurring business and fosters a positive word-of-mouth campaign.


IDMERIT’s extensive suite of identification and verification services allows a seamless and continuing onboarding process, facilitating initial prospect onboarding, enhanced customer service, flagging at-risk customers and prospects while identifying key customer service issues as they emerge.

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Global Clients

Key Features

Accurate Identity Verification Results

Multiple Sources for Same Country/Region

Real Time Processing

Boutique Approach to Global Business

Reliable Regulatory Compliance

Flexible Configuration

Simple Application

Actionable Fraud Prevention Planning