Sophisticated Solutions
and Advanced Protection

No industry sector experiences more fraud than the finance industry. The costs are in the trillions – and likely to rise as criminals and thieves find ever more sophisticated ways to steal money and identities. In an industry in which both technology and crime evolves daily, you need solutions that keep you one step ahead at all times.

A World of Risks

The problems facing financial institutions are endless. The ability to verify customers in real-time and comply with a myriad of regulations – including KYC, AML, FFIEC and CIP – is now paramount. Additionally, you must constantly take steps to mitigate reputational, financial and operational risk.

One Solution for Endless Problems

IDMERIT’s solutions include identity verification, Know Your Customer, fraud analytics, credit risk assessment, and due diligence. We give you the flexibility and control to rapidly pinpoint suspicious activity. With our platform, you can effortlessly roll out continuous improvements to counteract the increasing sophistication of financial fraud. We provide you with a safer, faster way to identify legitimate customers so you are able to finish more financial transactions in less time, and save time

We Work With:
  • Credit Issuers
  • Mobile Payments
  • Tax Organizations
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Payment Processing
  • Financial Institutions
  • Stored Value Cards
  • Crowdfunding
  • ACH Processing
  • Person to Person Lending (P2P)
  • Merchant Services
  • And more..

Benefits & Outcomes

Identify Legitimate Customers Quickly and Safely

We provide a safer, faster way to finish more financial transactions in less time.

Reduce the Incidences of Financial Fraud

Reduce your losses, and mitigate financial, reputational and operational risks.

A Non-Intrusive Approach

Uphold your customers’ privacy and security transparently and seamlessly.

Easy implementation

We’ll get you up and running quickly, so you can open more new records in less time.

Rapid Verification of the Identities of Thin-File Customers

We deploy the latest in financial fraud prevention and detection.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

KYC, AML, FFIEC, CIP and the USA Patriot Act.

Lower Your Costs

Streamline the time and effort that comes from traditional, manual review processes.

On-Interest Change Administration Arrangement

Our flexible platform provides the controls your business director needs.

Identify Under- and Unbanked Clients

Real-time identity authentication of customers who often slip through the cracks.

The Highest Standards of Privacy and Security

Our robust platform allows you to continuously improving operational efficiencies.