IDMERIT’s KYC Platform for Business and Consumer Applications

IDMERIT’s consumer data of over 3.5 billion people on file covers more than 85% of the adult population in each country served. KYC, which is used mostly in verifying identity for fraud and risk management and background checks, should not be overlooked about its application for revenue-generating customer acquisition role as well as a seamless customer service. Acquiring new customers and keeping the prevailing customers are invariably the key components in focus.


IDMERIT’s long-term partnership with a leading global business database which has complete data field descriptions on over 100 million contacts working for 40 million businesses in 90+ countries allows us to delve more deeply into their corporate history and help us identify key indicators. These indicators will flag potential problems pertaining to money laundering, fraud and the possibility of misdirection of funds to finance terrorism. IDMERIT can further assist global businesses by delineating compliance regulations and best practices by region, trade bloc, or specific country as regulatory legislation varies.


IDMERIT’s KYC Platform offers easy integration with any online system and can be customized for your specific needs to accommodate to all B2B and B2C applications.

3.5 Billion +


90 +


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Global Clients

Key Features

Accurate Identity Verification Results

Multiple Sources for Same Country/Region

Real Time Processing

Boutique Approach to Global Business

Reliable Regulatory Compliance

Flexible Configuration

Simple Application

Actionable Fraud Prevention Planning