Protection for Insurance
Companies and Policyholders

When it comes to insurance, it’s not just the policyholders who need protection. Insurers themselves are continuously at risk from both identity theft and identity fraud. IDMERIT’s Insurance solutions help you to minimize risk and reduce costs across the board.

Make Sure Claims Aren’t Fraudulent

Insurers have a vested interest in verifying that their clients are who they claim to be. Identity theft and identity fraud costs the insurance industry billions per year in extra costs – which are then passed on to policyholders in the form of higher premiums. Fraudulent claims can be greatly reduced through more effective identity verification.

Advanced Protection for All Types of Insurance

IDMERIT provides advanced age and identity verification, so you’ll know that person is who they claim to be. We give you a quick and secure way to approve both current and potential clients. You’ll be able to authorize more applications or process guarantees faster and minimize your operational costs. Our solutions can be applied to all types of insurance, including healthcare, property, life, casualty and specialty.

Benefits & Outcomes

Streamlined Process

Our solution gives you a secure and quick way to approve both current and potential clients.

Advanced Rules-Based Technology

Our platform allows you to perform age and identity verifications based upon the rules you define.

Identify Genuine Clients

Quickly and easily distinguish between real and fraudulent policyholders.

Save Time

With our streamlined process, you can approve more insurance applications in less time.

Better Claims Processing

Properly identify clients for so you can process claims more effectively and efficiently.

Protect Business from Fraud

ID Merit protects your from fraudulent claims – and your customers from higher premiums.

Non-Intrusive Approach

Uphold your clients’ privacy and security transparently and seamlessly.

Progressive Design and Control

We give you full control on how to handle ID and age verification.

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