FAQs on Identity Verification Solution



How can I test IDMscan’s platform?

We have built a downloadable demo app for Android and iOS that is self-supporting and requires zero integration. It is not an appropriate app for actual production work, but it performs all the features of the commercial application.

How much does document verification in IDMscan cost?

The cost of document authentication varies according to feature modules that you may or may not select. For example, you may not want identity checked, or you may not want the biometric facial comparison. We have developed a modular platform that allows you to choose the features that support your objective. We have standard pricing that can be reduced when discounts are applied based on volume and term of commitment. Additionally, you should expect to see a favorable cost advantage when comparing us to those who use manual review. Please call for an accurate quote

Are you GDPR compliant?

The short answer is yes. We do not hold or store any data, and though it passes across our network, we do not look at the data.

How long does it take to integrate IDMscan platform?

This is a REST API and an SDK for your mobile application. Your technical resources should have no problem integrating it if they have installed other API’s and were involved in the development of your mobile app. Finally, we assume that you have the ability to receive the returning document scans, selfie and analysis results and have a place to store it.

What are success rates of authentication in IDMscan?

IDMscan’s platform is designed to minimize friction while maximizing assurance you are bringing the right people on board. Honestly, most of us are who we say we are.  Therefore, almost all transactions return a positive result. This may be because fraudsters are not interested in revealing themselves and the level of sophistication necessary to produce fraudulent documents that match fraudulent identities in the country of origin is extremely difficult.

How long does it take to get a result in IDMscan?

It takes 3-4 seconds for the results in IDMscan.

Are the documents reviewed manually or automatically?

We believe that your customer’s have a right and should expect their privacy to remain intact during this process. For that reason, we will never forward your customer’s documents to an offshore workshop where people can view it.

How does IDMscan works in other languages?

We are among the few, if not the only document verification specialists who can read and extract character language writing systems, such as Kanji, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Korean, and many others.

How does IDMscan work?

We provide an SDK that can be integrated to your mobile app. The SDK will, when prompted, leverage Android or iOS smartphone capabilities to scan and collect the customer identification document. Additionally, it will prompt the user to take a selfie while checking for liveness. Our application servers will analyze the document for authenticity. The document scans, selfie and analysis results will be forwarded to you from our servers via an API. If you do not have a mobile app, give us a call and we can discuss several different ways this same process can be accomplished.

What documents does IDMscan support?

IDMscan supports all global passports, all US driver’s licenses, and many national ID cards. Please call with a specific request since the list grows weekly. If we do not support a specific national ID, we can integrate it in less than a week.

Does your document scan also confirm the identity information?

Yes, we extract personally identifiable information (PII) from the document and can check it in databases in the country of origin.



How big is database of IDMkyc? Is it worldwide?

IDMkyc does not have a database for identity verification. It has access via a live API to official sources around the globe.  Currently, we tap over 600 databases in over 90 countries.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Each nation handles data privacy differently. While GDPR seems to be the hot topic, many other nations are also protective of individual privacy rights and we work with our data providers to assure that we meet the compliance standards of each nation.

Does the identity verification product leave a credit footprint?

No, One potential source of verification is credit bureaus, but no credit inquiry is made. We simply ask if the basic information—Name, Address, and date of birth—match.

How long does it take to integrate IDMkyc?

IDMkyc is a REST API. Your technical resources should have no problem integrating it if they have installed other API’s. Please note that different countries will require different fields of information. You may need to modify your web form to accurately collect the information from the customer, so it can properly be tested against the database in the country of origin.  Finally, we assume that you have the ability to receive the returning match information and have a place to store it.

How can I test IDMkyc?

We have three ways of testing in IDMkyc. Two of them are free.

    1. You can submit to us a brief spreadsheet of approximately 100 rows of data from a country you would like to test, and we will submit that file to our data partner to be manually checked.
    2. For API functionality testing, we can provide you a sandbox environment along with sample data to play with.
    3. For a robust test, including multiple nations and thousands of rows of data, we can charge a flat fee for a set number of tests and allow you to integrate our open API and test your data.

What are match rates in IDMkyc?

Match rates vary by country In IDMkyc and can be extremely high—nearing 100%—in Western or first world nations.  In some countries, it is not possible to get even a 50% match rate.  Please inquire for average results in the countries you are interested in.  Please note, that this is a garbage-in/garbage-out scenario. We cannot be held responsible for the input of inaccurate data.

How long does it take to get a result in IDMkyc?

It takes 3-4 seconds for results in IDMkyc.

How much does data cost in IDMkyc?

The cost of data matching in IDMkyc varies from country to country, and discounts are applied based on volume and term of commitment. Additionally, we are the only provider who does not charge the full amount when there is no match. Pricing in the USA will be the cheapest. Some notably high-cost areas include parts of the Middle East, South Africa and smaller countries where database infrastructure is still primitive. We are glad to give you a more accurate quote based on your specific requirements

What types of checks are included in risk screening of IDMkyc?

IDMkyc currently supports checks to PEP and OFAC. If you have a unique request, we are glad to honor it if the database can be accessed through an API.  Additional charges may apply.

What native writing systems are supported in IDMkyc?

IDMkyc supports all native writing systems. The customer input needs to match the style of the in-country database.

How does IDMkyc work?

IDMERIT’s IDMkyc can be easily integrated with your web form capture and flow text capture from the form.



Why is IDMdevice an AML or anti-fraud tool?

IDMdevice notices when nefarious devices try to access your website, likely to set up a fraudulent account or attempt an account takeover.

What is IDMdevice?

IDMdevice is a device analysis software tool. Essentially, when someone reaches a targeted web page (like a log-on page) the software we provide that runs on your website will analyze the computer or phone and interpret static and dynamic characteristics to determine if the device is configured for a fraud attempt or has been recognized across the Internet for attempting fraud.