Coverage Makes IDMERIT’s Identity Verification Services Standout

In the digital age, the world is becoming more and more global. Personal, consumer and business transactions are occurring across the world on daily basis. These interactions are happening in real time and with less and less face-to-face contact. Online identity verification services need to meet these demands. Customers expect communication between themselves, businesses and other personal entities to be fast and easy but most importantly secure. Furthermore, these solutions need to provide global identity verification for users from around the world.

We believe that consumer data protection should be a standard and highly protected information in this global digital marketplace. Building trust with consumers should be a top priority to protect clients from data breaches, hackers and online criminals.

KBA Is Not Enough

It has been proven that traditional identity verification services, such as static and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) are not enough. Two-step authentication procedures have also proven vulnerable, leaving governments, regulators and businesses in need of finding robust identity verification services. Since they involve biometrics, they are secure, reliable and trustworthy to protect their citizens, users, and customers.

IDMERIT is committed to delivering the most cost-effective and comprehensive global identity verification services available in the international market. Using biometric technologies, we offer better identity verification services compared to other products available on the market. Our ecosystem of identity verification services helps customers meet regulatory compliance and deliver frictionless user experiences around the world.

Identity Verification Services

IDMERIT’s Data Sets Them Apart

IDMERIT utilizes traditional data sources for personal and business verification services from over 90 countries. Their identity bureau includes identity data from some of the most challenging yet important countries including: Brazil, India, China and South Africa.

Types of data sources utilized by IDMERIT’s identity verification portal

  • Credit files
  • Credit Files
  • Government Data
  • Government Data
  • Electoral Roll
  • Electoral Roll
  • Insurance Data
  • Insurance Data
  • Insurance Data
  • Mobile Data Records
  • Mobile data records
  • Utilities Data
  • Social network files
  • Social Network Files
  • Ecommerce information
  • Ecommerce Information

Demographics for Enhanced Security

IDMERIT has relationships with a vast, global network of official data sources. With these relationships we are able to provide our clients enhanced data intelligence. By integrating demographics into its identity verification services, IDMERIT has significantly improved its ability to identify and flag risk factors and provide maximum fraud detection. Some of the demographic factors IDMERIT looks at include:

  • Geography
  • Geography
  • economic-status
  • Economic Status
  • education
  • Education
  • Age
  • Age
  • Income
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Gender

Compliance is Standard

To learn more about how IDMERIT meets compliance for specific directives such as GDPR or CCPA, please visit our compliance page for more information.

IDMERIT’s data banks and sources meet the most stringent identification verification service processes. Regulatory compliance determines how and which datasets can be accessed for online ID verification. To accomplish this goal, IDMERIT complies and follows each country’s privacy legislation permits and has thoroughly embedded these regulations into its identity verification services. This makes our identity verification services reliable and compliant.

Public Data Remains Secure with Fully Automated Identity Verification Services

No data is ever transferred from the data source back to the inquirer; rather, the inquirer simply receives match rate information. This protects the integrity of IDMERIT’s data sources and protects the PII located in the documents for truly automated identity verification services.

IDMERIT has created identity verification services that were developed by experts in the data technology sector. We have a passion and drive for creating a global data universe generating true and trusted intelligence.

IDMERIT has designed an array of identity verification services that access and cross-reference extensively compiled public data records. The input of personal identity information (PII) into IDMkyc, IDMERIT’s proprietary identity verification service programming interface (API), will trigger a connection with data sources to produce a match rate of verification and authentication.

Frictionless Customer Experience

Friction is a problem that all online businesses must deal with. Friction is reported as one of the main reasons users abandon accounts during the onboarding process. Businesses have a duty to provide easy and secure onboarding procedures that get users to their end goal, signing up for their platform or service. The identity verification services IDMERIT offers help verify customer identities without adding friction. Friction is only increased if risk is detected during the onboarding process.

No Human Interaction for a Fully-Automated Identity Verification Service

The API technology built by IDMERIT is powered by IDMscan, an identity verification service, rather than human interaction to validate and authenticate identities. By using an automated system, IDMERIT’s identity verification service increases its match rates and provides higher security capabilities to its clients. Plus, IDMscan is able to verify and authenticate users in real time with little to no waiting involved.

IDMscan is another solution that is a part of the IDMERIT identity verification service ecosystem. It is an application that scans customer identity documents, such as passports, to validate and authenticate their identity.

IDMscan uses the IDMkyc API to connect with official data sources within the customer’s country of origin to verify their identity. The identity verification service also uses biometric technologies to authenticate that the customer is who they say they are.

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