Coverage Makes IDMERIT’s Identity Verification a Standout

In this Digital age, it is easy to be anonymous and conduct various activities online. Personal, consumer and business transactions and interactions are done across a country and across the planet in real time with less and less face-to-face contact. For online verification, speed is everything as your customers expect fast and easy communication, i.e. approvals and verification in real time. Employee background checks are routine and now expected by both employee and employer. Employers have to be vigilant to avoid the growing amount of identity theft and fraud, yet remain in compliance with regulations for each country they operate in. Employees expect these checks to be as non-intrusive as possible to their privacy.


IDMERIT’s information sources meet the most stringent identification verification models. Regulatory compliance determines how and which datasets can be accessed for identity verification. To accomplish this goal IDMERIT complies and follows each country’s privacy legislation permits and has thoroughly embedded them into its systems making the identity verification reliable, compliant and smooth.


IDMERIT accesses and cross-references extensive compiled public records with response generated data so that we can customize the information into our application (API) to make it available for your specific needs in online transactions and prospecting. IDMERIT offers 85% coverage of the entire adult population in the countries we offer.

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Global Clients

Key Features

Accurate: precise information when you need it

Fast: real-time results

Reliable: consistently on the mark

Flexible: easily modifiable to fit your business

Simple: easy to implement

Efficient: maximizes your productivity

Customizable: suits each specific project

Compliant: stay within the guidelines