Assess an Individual´s Fraud Risk

Make trustworthy customer approvals by calculating an individual's risk score. Monitor data, manage risk to combat fraud and reduce financial theft in real-time. Detect account fraud and fake signups, determine suspicious activities and identify high-risk scoring customers. Mitigate data breaches by preventing fraudsters to open accounts with stolen identities. Ensure that clients you’re onboarding are legitimate by leveraging multiple data sources.

  • Fight Fraud Using a Combination of Email, Phone & IP data Points
  • Identify and Block Stolen and Fake Identities
  • Assess Risk Score Based on Email Maturity
  • Seamless API Integration with SSL Protection
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Evaluate an individual’s level of risk before performing a KYC check for additional fraud prevention

Decrease fraudulent applications to save time and money, expediting your onboarding process. Authenticate customers, assess risk and detect fraudulent identities in real-time. A risk score is based on a combination of email, phone, and IP address. These attributes seamlessly verify customers by detecting fraud and deterring identity theft.

Risk score is based on a combination of:

  • When was the email first seen?
  • Is the domain name from a free provider?
  • Is the email address deliverable?
  • Is it a real number?
  • What’s the country of the carrier?
  • Mobile or landline number?
    IP Address
  • Is the IP address behind a VPN?
  • What’s geolocation?
  • Is it on a Spam checklist (Eg. DNSBL or RBL)?
Go a step further in fraud detection accuracy by tracking cookies, browsers, spoofing, VMs and emulators.

Way to fight fraud with frictionless
integration through REST APIs

Create added levels of security with AI-powered fraud recognition tools that generate results faster. Fight fraud using AI-integrated processes with fewer false positives activity. Monitor newly opened accounts to deter financial, reputation damage before it occurs in an accelerated way.

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  • 10-20 REVIEW
  • 20+ DECLINE

We Take Security and Privacy Seriously

IDMERIT 4 Pillars of Protection
1Data Protection

Sensitive data is encrypted during transmission via TLS/SSL and at rest via AES-256

2Access Security

System access is allowed for credentialed users only, and remote access to production systems requires multi-factor authentication. Our data access policies adhere to ISO 27001 and SOC2 requirements.

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3Physical Security

The IDMERIT platform is hosted securely on the Amazon Web Server

4Regulatory Compliance

IDMERIT is GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant and we are active on Privacy Shield

Regulatory Compliance

IDMERIT is GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant and we are active on Privacy Shield

Don’t Keep Honest Customers Waiting

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