Data from Challenging Data Sources

When it comes to data sourcing, anyone can get access to first-world country databases. Countries, such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada have built the infrastructure necessary to maintain digital databases with personal information about their citizens. The real challenge starts when second and third-tier countries come into play.

Second and third-tier countries are less sophisticated than their first-world counterparts. They often do not have well-maintained databases about their citizens. They sometimes do not have this information available in an online database as well. This presents a unique challenge to anyone who needs to access this data.

IDMERIT has gone above and beyond the competition to gather official data sources in some of the most difficult countries in the world. IDMERIT’s executives have worked tirelessly to create sophisticated systems that harness data from second and third-tier countries. Through this hard work, they have been able to successfully integrate these countries into their identity verification offering. IDMERIT delivers accurate and relevant match rates in these challenging areas.

Comprehensive Identity Data

IDMERIT offers the most comprehensive source data in the identity space. It offers data matching in some of the most challenging environments in the world, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. By building relationships with governments, businesses, and entities within these countries, IDMERIT has built a network of data for identity verification matching.

The data IDMERIT sources come from a variety of different places around the globe. Different countries have access to different types of data, which IDMERIT has leveraged to create its identity verification solutions. IDMERIT has access to the following type of data sources in a variety of countries:

  • Government/Electoral Data
  • Utility Data
  • Official Passport Databases
  • Government/Tax Registries
  • Census Bureau/Public Registries
  • Telco Mobile Subscriber Information
  • Credit Institution Data
  • Official Postal Service Information
  • Official Motor Vehicle Department Data
  • Official Corporate Registries
  • Official Land Registries/Mortgage Databases

The Best Match Rates in the Industry

Because of its access to highly reliable data, IDMERIT provides better match rates than other identity verification providers in the industry. Our expertise, knowledge and reach in the identity space is unsurpassed. Let us prove it! Delivering accurate identity verification services can be the difference between doing business with a legitimate person or a criminal. Businesses who are looking for identity verification services need accurate results to maintain compliance, meet regulatory standards, and mitigate the risk of fraud.

You can learn about the data we source from the countries we cover in the interactive map below:

The countries IDMERIT covers include:

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A proprietary API offered by IDMERIT, connects to these different data sources. It takes personally identifiable information (PII) inputted into its system and crosschecks it against the data located in official data sources from a person’s country of origin. This system is designed to be secure and accurate in nature. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning the system is able to deliver the best match rates in the industry without the use of manual review.

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Takes the capabilities of IDMkyc and takes them a step further. It is an ID scanning app which can verify if an identity document—national ID, passport or driver’s license—is true or not. It can then extract the information from the identity document and connect to IDMkyc to validate that it is real. It also uses biometric liveness detection to determine if the user who is using the system is the same person on the identity document.

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