Age Protection for You and Your Customers

Properly verifying the age of your customers is now a prerequisite in managing risk and maintaining compliance with a slew of regulatory guidelines. IDMERIT’s suite of identity verification solutions provide age verification to more than 75% residents across the globe, so you can minimize your financial, legal and reputational risk.

IDMERIT’s information sources meet the most stringent age verification models. Using a vast range of datasets, our system confirms client details by referencing numerous sources of information, including passport information, national address file, and the full electoral roll to provide prompt authorization.

Our age verification clients include gaming organizations, financial service institutions, and retailers. With IDMERIT’s data, you can verify residents as young as 14 in specific markets, and those older than 18 in 31 nations. This platform also acts as an anti-fraud solution by verifying the credit card and banking details of your customers.

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Global Clients

Key Features

Accurate Identity Verification Results

Multiple Sources for Same Country/Region

Real Time Processing

Boutique Approach to Global Business

Reliable Regulatory Compliance

Flexible Configuration

Simple Application

Actionable Fraud Prevention Planning