When accessibility to age-restricted goods and services is in question, age verification is necessary to prevent minors from purchasing restricted products. But age verification works the vice versa as well. Companies need to prevent adults from taking advantage of products only for under 18’s or keep adults away from sites which are designed for children.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Every company must comply with KYC and AML to make sure ID and age verification is checked. Companies have a moral responsibility to uphold the laws imposed by regulatory authorities. A frictionless and reliable KYC procedures will help you company be compliant and protect your company’s reputation. Consequence of noncompliance are newsworthy and in everyday headlines in the media. The fines are very large, and the penalties are ever stricter. The cost value of implementing ID verification form the start is more important than ever. Use IDMerit’s to protect your customers and your business.

IDMerit’s verification tools can offer instant age confirmation which can ensure proper age usage of your services and products and facilitate legal transactions efficiently.

Age-Restricted Commerce

As age-restricted commerce grows, it is extremely important to protect our youth from accessing these products and services. Age-restricted industries such as tobacco, vaping products, online gaming, wine and spirits have complex requirements that must be met. Industries must show that they actively work to prevent youth from engaging with them, because meeting minimum regulation requirements is not enough. Industries much prove due diligence has been performed to keep minors out of their systems.

Instant Age Verification Worldwide

Verifying the identity of a potential customer adds minimal friction to your onboarding or checkout process. Performing this action allows your company to demonstrate the highest level of compliance and social responsibility to consumers, parents and regulators. Identity verification services can instantly determine if a user is real or fraudulent. If the person is permitted to be on the site or not due to age. It will give your company peace of mind that it is meeting regulation requirements and upholding social moral.

Industries we Serve

Some of the age-restricted industries that could benefit from using IDMverify include:

Alcohol distributors

Tobacco companies

Lottery industry

Restricted access websites

Benefits of using IDMverify

• Improved risk management

• Age verification for all users

• Prevent age-restricted product sales to youth in customer-not-present scenarios

• Stop minors from accessing restricted content online

• Increase protection for your business

• Compliance with KYC and AML regulations

• Approve sales at a faster pace

• Deter fraud from child identity theft

• Increased trust with regulators

Explore IDMverify

IDMverify is an identity verification product that provides quick and easy verifies personal identities. It is an API that can access official data sources around the world to provide KYC compliance. It is a system that can verify identities in an instant. This API is designed to instantly compare a visitor’s data entry against billions of records all over the world. It can check key identity information including name, date of birth and address.

The comprehensive coverage of IDMverify will allow your company to rest assured that it is doing its due diligence to meet COPPA and GDPR regulations. Our API will help you keep out minors in customer not present scenarios.

Benefits & Outcomes

• E-Commerce Protection Protect your e-commerce business against fraud, unauthorized purchases and identity theft.

• Age-Restricted Access for Minors Reduce your liabilities by preventing children from gaining access to age-restricted merchandise and content.

• Privacy Protection for Children Our advanced information privacy tools protect the privacy of children under the age of 18.

• Increased Flexibility of Search Criteria Our search protection tools allow you to restrict users’ access to age-inappropriate content.

• Maintain Merchant Account Compliance Maintain compliance with the continuously evolving credit card association requirements for identity verification.

• Enhance Your Business’ Reputation By protecting the privacy and rights of children, you’ll clearly demonstrate that your business cares about socially responsible corporate practices.