Effective Age Verification
and Screening

In today’s digital world, children are exposed to a wide array of age-inappropriate content. Not only is this a danger to them, but it’s also a threat to your business, as it can expose you to a number of legal and financial liabilities.

A World of Age-Related Risks

Kids today have instant access to all sorts of information. Unfortunately, much of it is both inappropriate and dangerous. This presents risk not only to your users, but to your business as well.

Age-Appropriate Protections

IDMERIT’s range of age verification solutions protects your business from non-compliance fines, reputational damage and legal exposure. And your customers and users gain peace of mind from knowing their children are safe.

Benefits & Outcomes

E-Commerce Protection

Protect your e-commerce business against fraud, unauthorized purchases and identity theft.

Age-Restricted Access for Minors

Reduce your liabilities by preventing children from gaining access to age-restricted merchandise and content.

Privacy Protection for Children

Our advanced information privacy tools protect the privacy of children under the age of 18.

Increased Flexibility of Search Criteria

Our search protection tools allow you to restrict users’ access to age-inappropriate content.

Maintain Merchant Account Compliance

Maintain compliance with the continuously evolving credit card association requirements for identity verification.

Enhance Your Business’ Reputation

By protecting the privacy and rights of children, you’ll clearly demonstrate that your business cares about socially responsible corporate practices.

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