Advanced AML Protections

In today’s global financial environment, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are more stringent than ever. The requirements for verification have become increasingly complex, while the penalties for non-compliance can threaten the very existence of your business.

IDMERIT’s solutions for Anti-Money Laundering allow you to quickly and easily identify high-risk applicants and then to manage them in an appropriate manner. Our electronic identity verification solutions help you meet the AML demands for both existing and new clients.

IDMERIT’s global Identity Verification platform allows you to greatly streamline your AML process. Our data identifies and focuses on key markets across the world, while staying current on even the most stringent identity management models. Our Document Image Validation management allows you to approve the credibility of more than 520 global record formats, including driver’s licenses, passports and national ID cards.

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Global Clients

Key Features

Accurate: precise information when you need it

Fast: real-time results

Reliable: consistently on the mark

Flexible: easily modifiable to fit your business

Simple: easy to implement

Efficient: maximizes your productivity

Customizable: suits each specific project

Compliant: stay within the guidelines