Advanced Protection Against Fraud, Loss & Non-Compliance

Globalization and technological advances have opened the door to massive amounts of fraudulent activities. Today, identity fraud is the fastest growing crime activity on the planet, with 66% of organizations having suffered from fraud in 2013 (Kroll Global Fraud Report 2013-14).

IDMERIT’s fraud prevention solutions are helping to reverse this damaging trend. Our solutions detect and minimize identity fraud, provide frictionless online fraud detection, maintain regulatory compliance, prevents money laundering, manages data breaches and  improves operational efficiencies.

Instead of reacting to breaches after they occur, you’ll be able to proactively anticipate them before they ever happen.

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Global Clients

Key Features

Accurate: precise information when you need it

Fast: real-time results

Reliable: consistently on the mark

Flexible: easily modifiable to fit your business

Simple: easy to implement

Efficient: maximizes your productivity

Customizable: suits each specific project

Compliant: stay within the guidelines