Monitor and Stop Risky Behavior

IDMERIT offers a seamless system for behavior monitoring, so you can make more profitable customer lifecycle choices while minimizing the expense of fraud prevention. Our customizable and direct behavior monitoring solutions streamline selection procedures and identify fraud and problematic behavior for various commercial ventures, including Financial and Gaming businesses.

Our behavior monitoring checks are performed the second a transaction is processed. Any risks are quickly identified,  and an alert is sent for further investigation to your audit group. With our platform, you’ll be able to clearly distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behavior, protecting both you and your customers.

Our platform is totally streamlined. Workflows can be customized to meet the needs of your business, activity alerts can be quick, accurately and efficiently automated to block inappropriate conduct and reports are initiated identifying details regarding key data and information.

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Global Clients

Key Features

Accurate Identity Verification Results

Multiple Sources for Same Country/Region

Real Time Processing

Boutique Approach to Global Business

Reliable Regulatory Compliance

Flexible Configuration

Simple Application

Actionable Fraud Prevention Planning