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    ID Verification API

    IDMERIT’s KYC API is designed to adapt to your industry needs. KYC solutions are flexible according to the workflow, services, demographic and geographic variations of the industries and markets. Verify consumer identity with their personal data using digital KYC solutions. Get end-to-end know your customer solutions to prevent fraudulent attacks.

    Business Verification Solutions

    How could you know that the businesses you are dealing with are genuine? The business verification needs to be authentic and backed up with valid data sources. IDMkyc, a leading KYC service provider streamlines the compliance process and organizes the onboarding of business customers, partners via eKYC services. This top KYC company helps businesses to connect with loyal customers and drive open rates. Verify businesses of all sizes globally with IDMkyc, a digital KYC service provider.

    Global KYC Solutions

    Maximize your matches with truly global data sources and a lightning-fast KYC verification API. IDMkyc, a best-in-class KYC solution provider facilitates global identity verification. Ensure regular compliance and data protection using document verification service. Connect with key business data and filter out the high-risk activities during international identity verification. It assists real-time automated electronic id verification across the globe. Safeguard customers’ data, deter fraud, and reduce transaction friction through ID card verification. This eKYC solution provider offers secure and reliable ID check services to verify customer information.

    • Coverage 440 data sources in over 175 countries including challenging areas such as Brazil, India, China & South Africa
    • Match and verify identities within seconds
    • Secure two-way encryption
    • 24/7 customer support
    global coverage global coverage

    Digital Identity Verification Services

    IDMkyc is the most trusted KYC platform provider that enables quick and easy personal ID Verification Services. Utilizing an eIDV API (REST), it can access over 400 official data sources across 175+ countries to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions. Verify customer ID through trusted source data. Mitigate risk and protect your business from fraudsters and illegal activities. Our KYC solution API is built to secure your business and credibility. Verify consumers online by global identity verification service in real-time by reaching the reliable one among the top KYC providers.

    • Simple multi-source matching (minimum 2 in-country official sources)
    • For KYC provides a 2+2 match API that meets regulatory compliance including the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
    • All Personal Identity Information (PII) match

    Identity Verification In a Few Simple Steps


    A hassle-free Identity Verification Solution.
    IDMkyc speeds up Document verification within seconds.



    Build User Trust Using ID Verification Platform

    Verify subscribers online and create trust by automated KYC solutions. KYC identity verification is an essential tool to mitigate risks. This top eKYC company helps businesses flag risk factors and combat fraud. Also, it acts as a KYC verification partner that offers KYC and AML compliance backed by eKYC services.


    Fully Automated eKYC Services

    Verify subscriber identity with the top KYC services provider. IDMscan provides KYC solutions for banks and other industries that help them verify, authenticate identities in real-time. With an automated system, IDMERIT’s digital KYC solutions increase match rates and offer improved security. IDMscan, a KYC services provider scans identity documents including passport, driving license, etc. for seamless subscriber identity verification.


    Superior Data

    IDMERIT’s data experts have spent over a decade building strategic relationships with the world’s premium data repositories. These data sources provide enhanced data intelligence and allow IDMkyc to tap into a variety of trusted sources including:

    • Government Data

    • Credit Files

    • Passport Registries

    • Public Records

    • Motor Vehicle Data

    • Voter Data

    • Utilities

    • Tax Registries

    • Mobile Network Subscriber Data

    • Census Data

    Memberships & Compliance

    Get Hassle-Free Identity Verification

    IDMkyc, a digital KYC service provider helps companies verify business data faster. It offers the most comprehensive international coverage for ID document verification. Capture, examine, and authenticate from 440+ data sources of identity records anywhere in the world using identity verification services. Easily scale or accommodate KYC solutions to your company requirements & prevent false positives. Customer identity verification ensures the authenticity of IDs. Access frictionless experience through online KYC solutions to protect the firm from security breaches.



    Our Single API Gives You KYC Access To The World

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