Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer
  • IDMscan is the ID verification mobile app that can authenticate and verify government-issued identity documents in both online and offline conditions. It is a part of several identity fraud solutions that IDMERIT has developed which offers fraud detection before it happens.
  • IDMscan provides instant ID authentication results for embassies, banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, financial institutions and anyone else who wants to undergo a primary second-source verification.

ID Scanning

Identity documents that can be scanned by IDMscan include:

  • National IDs
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Passports
ID Scanning
Deepfake and spoofing detection

A global age verification service

IDMscan, an IDMerit age verification service, is globally recognized as it acutely analyses Government issued IDs to ensure the users are of legal age. The AI-based expert Machine Learning ID scanning mechanism evaluates and verifies all ID documents, 100 percent on-premises, for 195 countries, covering 95+ languages and with 15k document templates. book a demo to check how IDMscan seamlessly averts illicit/underage ecommerce purchases by sophistically capturing customer order info.

kyc id verification

KYC ID verification in 30 secs with complete confidentiality

Now, fulfill AML/KYC compliances for remote onboarding with global ID verification software industry-pioneers. Get the most accurate document scan API to securely authenticate customer selfies and ID documents against 7 billion globally managed identities. Increase your bottom line with faster customer identity confirmations with IDMscan's comprehensive, fully automated, and graph-centric digital ID verification solution.

ID scanning

Unlock growth, verify at scale with real-time ID scan

IDMscan guarantees 99 percent deepfake andspoofing detection, thus reducing fraud risklevels. Integrate AML, PEP, Sanctions, and Adverse Media checks and comply with your State and International FATF & GDPR compliance standards with the world's largest ID verification agency. Our flexible solutions work effortlessly on cross-device Web, Android, and iOS App platforms. Now pre-screen your users affordably. IDMscan verifies 1 MM customers daily; unlike other users, it offers quick integration within an hour.

Biometric facial recognition

10k plus businesses rely on IDMerit, IDMscan

Altering user-behavior, high-end frauds, and ever-changing regulations make it challenging to operate a hassle-free business. IDMscan offers the most accurate biometric facial recognition system with high-end facial clocking and mask-detection systems. Large enterprises, SMEs, and start-up entrepreneurs worldwide are optimizing flexible IDMscan models to facilitate remote client onboarding requirements. IDMscan is a custom face liveliness verification tool with certified 2D and 3D liveness detection, geo-location, and tamper detection technologies. Get liveness with 100% accuracy.

Personal Documents

An ID verification solution that customers enjoy tremendously!

Ask our business clients, and they'll name IDMerit's flagship product, the IDMscan, as their favorite. An ID authentication service that offers perfect ID & document scan APIs, face matching, and proof-of-address verification services to global enterprises. Along with rigorous proof-of-life facial recognition, there is a cutting-edge name-address verification of IDs against global databases. IDMscan verifies documents and IDs using Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies to ensure ID authentication solutions using Government IDs, including utility bills, driver's licenses, passports, etc.

Modernize User Onboarding

Modernize User Onboarding, Enhance Data Privacy

IDMscan offers the best-in-class digital ID verification solution that helps financial and other supervised institutions verify customers in seconds. Experience the highest security standards and conversion rates with users applauding the finest UI-UX dashboard experiences. Meet AML-KYC security compliances without user-depriving accessibility. Talk to our Fraud Expert Now and achieve a 100% decision rate while customer onboarding! Ask for IDMscan user verification toolkit Free Demo. Get in touch with our in-house legal team.

Memberships & Compliance

Expand Your Business With Digital ID Verification

IDMscan: The world's biggest identity validation platform that can safeguard your business by online ID verification, deliver the right onboarding expertise and meet changing business needs as you grow. This ID verification mobile app Middle East integrates digital identity and business verification that makes it possible to verify customers safely and quickly. Reduce the manual labor of customer onboarding and leverage fraud mitigation with accurate ID verification solutions. Ensure seamless ID authentication using biometric facial recognition and face liveliness technologies. ID validation services are designed to be used globally including Middle East.

Solutions & Services

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