Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

AML solutions to mitigate risks and fight fraud. Get Seamless AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) solutions. Minimize the risks related to money laundering and other illicit activities with the AML service provider, IDMaml.

  • Sanctions


  • watch lists

  • Adverse Media

  • Deep Web

Detect Suspicious Transactions, Prevent Fraud, Mitigate Risk

IDMerit aims to provide simplified, fast, and safe AML KYC Software that helps businesses comply with AML Regulations in a scalable manner. Now, reduce your compliance workload with automated Sanctions, PEPs, and Adverse Media checks using IDMaml fraud prevention software.

Based on personally identifiable information (PII), one can quickly flag customers appearing on global Watchlists, Sanctions, and PEP lists. IDMaml's real-time Sanctions updates ascertain the lowest risks for money laundering, terrorism, fraud, corruption, and other financial crimes. With one quick API integration, screen against thousands of databases, set customized risk thresholds, and continuously monitor your users' accounts.

Combat Money Laundering Linked to Fake Identities

With IDMaml holistic AML platform, comply with the FATF Standards and enforce a risk-based model to combat identity theft and mitigate risks. In addition, we use our data-driven, predictive analysis technologies to flag largescale and individual-level suspicious activities.

Risk Screening – Scan individuals and organizations against the OFAC-SDN, U.K. Treasury, EU, UNSC, and other global Watchlists; block high-risk customer onboarding; identify Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Adverse Media mentions.

Transaction Monitoring – Beware of every small or large suspicious transaction detection. Know Your Clients (KYC), identify suspicious patterns, and monitor transactions with IDMaml AML transaction monitoring software. Generate scalable Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) mandatory for the financial and obligatory non-financial institutions to submit to their respective state Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs).

Business Due Diligence – Comply with Know Your Business (KYB), and Know Your Partners (KYP) procedures; completely mitigate risks before dealing with stakeholders, suppliers, and Ultimate Beneficial Ownerships (UBOs). Get IDMerit KYB financial fraud prevention software, and save yourself from hefty KYB non-compliance fines with professional UBO checks and UBO verifications.

Memberships & Compliance

Global Watchlist Screening, Continuous Monitoring with
IDMaml Fraud Prevention Solution

7 BN Global Data Coverage

IDMaml unique Sanctions screening software receives data-source updates every 10 minutes. Real-time data helps you get deeper client insights and make well-informed onboarding decisions.

Intuitive UI, User-Friendly Console

Transparent and quick live data access within a single working environment, with an uncluttered, high-end data analytics dashboard. Zero risk and chaos.

Speedy Integration

Reduce Compliance workload with our AI-driven anti-moneylaundering solution. Set your scenarios and rule-writing feature based on your institutional risk-rating model; get correct warnings, and reduce workload.

Powerful APIs, SDKs

IDMaml continuously monitors individuals and businesses against negative mentions. In addition, our real-time fraud prevention solution alerts on any traceable change in a client’s reputation.

  • Dynamic Case Management


  • Monitor Live Transactions

  • Ease Workload

  • Brand Reputation

Know-Your-User (KYU) Risk-Ranking Model

Know-Your-User (KYU) with IDMaml delivers an all-inclusive automated AML solution. KYU pegs a user, their personal and business identity, wallets, and transactions in one risk set. Thus, one-user one-account means fewer false alarms, lower operational costs, and max risk identifications.

Terminate bad users and spot suspicious activities and transactions with IDMerit risk-ranking and anomaly detection algorithms. As different institutions have different risk thresholds, IDMerit’s AI-based risk scoring algorithm is a state-of-art AML solution for businesses to measure customized risk relevance effectively in each use case.

Easy Migration, No Extra Costs, No Backend Alters

For complete, frictionless end-to-end AML-KYC solutions - that capture identity verifications, high-risk screening, and automated KYB procedures - migrate to IDMerit global anti-money laundering solution with no extra costs or backend alterations.

IDMaml is amongst the best-in-class AML service providers for banks, insurances, investments, crypto exchanges, wallets, gaming, travel, fintech, ecommerce, health, telecom, and other AML-CFT obligatory industries. Contact for a Quick Business AML Consultation and stay ahead of risk.

Your Business isn’t Worth Risking! Contact IDMerit

Today’s financial crime isn’t only about banks and finances. As a result, worldwide financial and non-financial institutions now rely on IDMaml AML Solution for businesses to meet accurate and fast AML screening requirements. Avail a Live Product Demo Access Now!

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