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Customer Identification KYB KYC Compliance Software

Sanctions KYC vigilance is the onset of any customer relationship process. Whether an individual, corporate, or correspondent relationship, KYC identity verification and KYC sanctions screening are the core AML-CFT compliances financial and other supervised institutions must follow to avoid synthetic identity fraud and mitigate money laundering risks.

Get IDMerit KYB KYC compliance software, and ensure all-comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions from the customer onboarding to the entirety. With IDMkyc KYC sanction screening solution, fully automate your labor-intensive KYC process. Connect to IDMkyc software, configure your search settings, tailor your organizational risk-based approach and start the AML-KYC monitoring solution with zero-time remediation.

Due Diligence Solutions & Enhanced Due Diligence Compliances

IDMerit KYC due diligence solution is a globally recognized, best-in-class client background verification API. We are the international identity-pioneers, renowned as the best customer due diligence, i.e., CDD solution provider. Our due diligence solutions record the true identity of individuals and businesses, thus providing a compact KYC KYB verification. Our due diligence services are spread across the globe.

IDMerit AML-KYC services is an AI-powered diligence engine designed to gather a certain level of intelligence on businesses and individuals covering 190+ nations, encapsulating 450+ data points worldwide. Our automated risk-based due diligence solution weighs people and corporate based on their product and geographical risks. IDMkyc eKYC platform claims 99% accuracy levels of the identifying information.

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    The Power of Global Coverage

    Maximize your matches with truly global data sources and a lightning fast API. IDMkyc, an ID verification provider facilitates Global Identity Verification. Ensure regular compliance and data protection using document verification service. Connect with key business data and filter out the high-risk activities during international identity verification. It assists real-time automated electronic id verification across the globe including USA. Safeguard customers’ data, deter fraud and reduce transaction friction through global id verification. With this identity verification partner, make your electronic verification process secure and reliable.

    • Coverage 440 data sources in over 175 countries including challenging areas such as Brazil, India, China & South Africa
    • Match and verify identities within seconds
    • Secure two-way encryption
    • 24/7 customer support

    Competitive Analysis

    Competitors Liveness Detection Popularity Live monitoring Accuracy Global Coverage Compliance Ratio
    au10tix 99.17 7/10 yes 76 51 7/10
    Daon 92.07 6/10 no 74.48 42 6/10
    IDenfy 83.02 8/10 yes 89 73 6/10
    IDnow 86 6.9/10 yes 85 74 7/10
    IDMERIT 99.83 10/10 yes 98.23 97 10/10
    Intellicheck 80 5/10 no 75 51 5/10
    Jumio 94 9/10 yes 94 83 9/10
    Lexisnexis 85 7/10 yes 83 55 8/10
    Ondato 88.7 8/10 yes 81.17 59 6/10
    Onfido 90 8.5/10 yes 94 83 9/10
    Seon 83 8.2/10 no 88.66 67 7/10
    Socure 92 9/10 no 82 60 7/10
    Sumsub 87 10/10 yes 82 87 8/10
    Trulioo 96.88 8.6/10 yes 96.31 82 9/10
    Veriff 99.27 10/10 yes 97.9 96 10/10
    Withpersona 81 7.3/10 yes 74 52 7/10

    IDMkyc Syncs at Ease with the Existing Tools You Use, Hassle-Free Migration

    • No Extra Integration Cost

    • Superb Webhook Functions

    • Hassle-free Integration

    • 99.9% Uptime

    • Configurable User-Interface

    • 100% Secure & Scaled-Up


    Full Stack AML-KYC Transaction Monitoring Solutions

    The IDMerit end-to-end KYC compliance program scrubs daily transactions to flag unusual activities. In addition, our KYC transaction monitoring checks unusual customer activity by reviewing regular transaction information and assessing the transactional risk levels. This state-of-art AML transaction monitoring solution is a risk-metrics-based monitoring program that scores customers on reasonable risk levels by monitoring unusual client behavior.

    IDMkyc transaction monitoring generates customer alerts and mitigates risks with due diligence and enhanced due diligence. IDMkyc is the world’s no.1 automated AML-KYC solution engine that conducts due diligence for normal sanctions KYC procedurals. After that, it flags enhanced due diligence when a customer poses higher AML-CFT risks; it’s a full-stack AML & KYC solution.

    Memberships & Compliance

    Expedite Investigations, Stay Compliant with Global Regulations

    IDMkyc covers each country AML regulatory standards to provide fully tailor-made KYC verification services. We are the global AML regulatory connoisseur of the eIDAS, all 6 EU Directives, UK AML (Bribery Act), USA CIP Patriot, FinCEN, and all other states.Name any country's AML-KYC regulation and find it on the IDMerit list.

    Register your IDMkyc live dashboard tour. Contact the global AML-KYC service provider today.

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