San Diego, California, May 4, 2021 – Tony Raval, CEO of IDMERIT, was a featured guest on the UBS’ Profiles in Business with Jared Papin podcast. Profiles in Business discusses the lives of business owners and their entrepreneurial journeys.

In the podcast, Jared noted IDMERIT’s innovative entry into the identity industry almost a decade ago, as an airport security/passenger identification service and its rise to becoming an industry leader.

The host and Tony also discussed IDMERIT’s founding and the current state of the identity verification industry including current AML/CFT trends. The identity industry is facing a large number of new laws and regulatory changes including AMLA2020 in the United States and AMLD5 in the EU which UBS sourced Tony to discuss as he has quite a bit of experience in this area. IDMERIT has assisted many multinational banks and compliance departments to mitigate their risk and reduce fraud through the adoption of eKYC,AML and robust customer Due Diligence programs.   

To listen to the podcast, visit the UBS Advisor Podcasts website or alternatively you can list to, or download, the episode on Spotify.

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Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, IDMERIT provides an ecosystem of identity verification solutions designed to help its customers prevent fraud, mitigate risk, meet regulatory compliance and deliver frictionless user experiences. The company is committed to the on-going development and delivery of offerings that are more cost-effective and comprehensive than other solution providers. IDMERIT was funded by experts who have been sourcing data on personal and business identities across the globe for over a decade. This access to official and trusted data throughout the world has become increasingly important as companies find themselves completing transactions across borders as a standard course of business.