How to Spot a Fake ID: Understand Fake ID Vs Real

Recent technological innovations like deepfake detection, face liveness verification, and biometric facial recognition have immensely solved the challenges of troubleshooting ‘how to spot a fake ID’. AI-based Machine Learning algorithms, jointly with human interventions, have cleared up the major identity card and identity document verification blindspots to a reasonable extent.

This piece of content helps one determine how to identify a fake id and understand a fake ID vs. a real one by correctly examining fake ID samples. The content accentuates how financial and obligated entities must opt for advanced ID verification services to stay ahead in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.


How to Spot a Fake ID

Identity theft, identity fraud, and document forgery are widely spread money laundering and terrorist financing threats that are difficult to combat without applying AI-ML tools and human expertise in unison. Nonetheless, it is difficult to overlook that today’s fraudsters are equally well-equipped, and government-issued IDs are copied, forged, counterfeited extensively, and misused for e-commerce theft, payment fraud, smuggling, and other crimes as serious as human trafficking, terrorism, and mass proliferation of weapons.

On the face of it, it is on the part of individuals and entities to opt for efficient tools during customer onboarding, performing crucial transactions, and other business activities. In the next point, we’ll discuss how to check for fake IDs accurately alongside fake ID samples.

how to spot a fake id

Probing Fake ID Samples

Comparing fake ID samples with real ones significantly helps to determine typical fake ID examples and get striking clues of forged, altered, and stolen ID documents.

Understanding the following loopholes is vital to learn how to check for fake IDs and government-issued documents.

  • Missing exactness in the format
  • Inaccuracy in font styles and font colors
  • Creased edges or broken edge recognitions
  • Forged documents, photoshopped images, and prints
  • Tempered images, blurred spot detections
  • Compromised holograms or rainbow prints
  • Blurriness or exposure in the prints, images
  • Misplaced laser perforation

Fake ID Vs Real

Criminals invest much money in creating forged IDs to scheme fake identities and to perform illicit activities. Identity forgery scams involve sophisticated front and back forgery of document IDs. With easy access to technology, miscreants would fake images, personal information, and barcode encryption, to the degree at which distinguishing fake ID vs real is only possible with efficient AI-based Machine Learning tools and algorithms.

On the other hand, businesses selling age-restricted products and services often face situations where underage shoppers alter their IDs to buy alcohol, cigarettes, and other adult products. At the same time, card hackers exploit stolen ID data in case of e-commerce robbery and transaction laundering.

How to Identify Fake Driver’s License

For instance, a driving license is a widely used identity verification document accepted for customer onboarding. Let us specifically explore how to identify a fake driver’s license. A few salient aspects include the flag image, national ID number, language, photo position, background pattern, signature, hologram, and identity information. There is an all-inclusive way of accurately understanding how to identify a fake driver’s license without overlooking the important checkpoints.

  • Date of issue and date of expiry
  • License issuing authority
  • Driver registration number
  • Card holder’s signature and address
  • Licence entitlements
  • Hologram on the card, nation-specific
  • Codes, pictograms, and background form
  • Missing laser engravings

ID Verification Services for Regulated Sector

Safeguard your business against identity fraud and identity theft; prevent forged, altered, fake identity approvals and save your business from hefty fines with IDMERIT’s best-in-class ID Verification Services.

For questions on how to check for fake IDs to prevent huge noncompliance penalties linked to fake and unscrupulous identity approvals, contact IDMERIT IDMscan consultant to get a live demo on biometric facial recognition, deepfake detection, and face liveness verification tools and techniques.

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