The Role of Identity Verification in 2018

When it comes to KYC, you need a reliable, real-time solution that ensures your business is always protected. IDMERIT’s identity verification services helps you stay alert to fraudulent transactions, stolen or false identities, application fraud, and money laundering so you can be proactive before it causes a significant damage to your business and its reputation.

Identity Verification Role

Jay Raol
Jay Raol

Jay Raol has been a Media Manager, Entrepreneur, Political Analyst and an Environmentalist. He aspires to climb the mighty Himalayas, and learn a new language every year. He lives in the beautiful city of Carlsbad in Southern California and owns a great collection of books. He is on schedule to publish his first book; 'Thou Art, Dope'. Co-founded two companies that provide futuristic solutions to the world while being quite enthusiastic about helping and investing in technology startups.

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